Our history

They say the hardest thing is to define oneself, and they may be right. In many cases, it gets a bit easier when following a story. Ours is a curious one, and it’s about booking hotel rooms, delivering dinners for two and selling used cars. Because we, in another life, were Yexir, the young concierge who wanted to do Magic for anyone asking for it.


It was spring 2015 and the thing began to grow: we move from one Excel sheet with three columns to receiving thousands of messages a day, and we realized that in order to continue doing magic we needed two things: a tool specifically designed for Conversational Commerce Management and a little help from our friends the chatbots.


So we got down to work and started building what we now know as Helloumi. We needed a tool to get closer to people, that would allow them to always take us in their pocket, and instant messaging was the key. We needed to manage orders, payments and existential questions from spontaneous customers, without losing efficiency and closeness.


The platform was growing and evolving every day, getting drastic updates 3 times a week and, by the time we show it to the public, the conclusion was swift: companies, like us, need to be where their customers are. They need to improve engagement. Increase conversions. Shorten sales cycles. Everything that a tool like Helloumi, a perfect hybrid between technology and humanity, could offer.


Therefore, with sorrow in our hearts but knowing that what we had developed would change forever the way we communicate with brands, we gave Yexir a much needed vacation in The Bahamas and make available to everyone a new communication paradigm. More efficient, more human.

The team

Jiaqi Pan


Cristóbal Villar


Fran Conejos


Antoni Espinosa



Chatbots Manager

Fernando Guirao

Product Manager
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